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Tarot Cards Psychic Reading About me
My name is Claire Whittman and I am here to offer you my spiritual  services and merchandise. When I started The Healing Gallery, I wanted people to know that there where more products,readings,healing techniques and more that they could use, and I felt that many of these things where not as of yet main stream.
Thats when the Healing Gallery came about. I knew I was able to read people, but I wanted to help people in other ways as well, with Spiritual Healing and products that my company would offer exclusively here at The Healing Gallery.
I was born into a spiritually incline family. I am of Greek deccent.
My first reading was a Tarot Card Reading at the age of 8.
 I was able to read and feel things about people as though I was reading a book, I always had the gift of intuition but my great grandmother is the one who helped me intensify my gift.
 My exceptional gift will help you find spiritual direction and balance in life. I have always had extensive experience in palm readings, psychic readings, matters of love and relationship, dating and the future.
Over the past years I've studied many readings, and many reading techniques such as Psychic Reading,Energy Healing, Spell Casting,Candles,Palm Reading,Rekki,Tea leaves, i-Ching,kabbalah,fen shui,runes,angel reading,oracle reading,chakra balancing,crystal ball reading,aura healing,holistic healing, picture readings,voice vibrations,psychic charts,astrology charts,astrology readings,zodiac readings,past life readings,past life, palm readings, and whole life readings.
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In terms of Healing, the Holistic Healing has always been something that would take my clients literally from 0 to 60 in a short period of time. The Holistic healing is what takes the impurities from clients and restores the positive energy that they bring to them selves.