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Here Are The  Readings Offered At The Healing Gallery
Intuitive Reading $40 
To create positive change in life we must personally recognize the unproductive feelings and actions that limit our ability to evolve on a spiritual level. In this session, you will work one-on-one with an Intuitive Energy Healer to explore areas of your life that seem challenging or difficult in order to open up space in your life for positive change. Perfect for all that crave clarity and perspective.
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Tarot Card Reading $50
A tarot card reading will offer insight into career and finance. It will give you a 2-4 month out look
Psychic Reading $60
Psychic Reading will offer much detail into friends,family,career finance and love life. Psychic Reading is a very in depth reading. Will offer a 4-6 month outlook.
Full Life Reading $75
Our Most in depth and Most popular reading. Full Life will offer in depth details on Love,Relationships,Friends,Family,Children Marriage,Soul mate Connections,Career and Finance.
Our Full Life Reading is a combination of all readings listed above.
There are NO set times on the understanding of  our readings. All readings are done until YOU the client feels satisfied with the understanding of your  reading and the details provided on how the reading is done.
There is NO price per minute you are to pay.
One flat rate.

Spiritual Readings